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Why the Big Heart?

  • Thu, Aug 13, 15
  • Ruth Peters
  • #charity, #community, big heart

In business it’s easy to focus on profits and have a narrow view of what a company can achieve. At Mini Street Style we want to raise our expectations and make a positive difference to others, whenever we can. And so, the big heart is built into the very fabric of the brand and is there to guide our actions.

Big Heart Meaning:

  • Charity – We will give 10% of our profits to charity
  • Community – Mini Street Style is a social experience where many hearts are invited to get involved, where we are open about the experience of building a fashion brand and open about the partners that help us achieve this dream
  • Education – We don’t just want to support charities financially but help them spread their message and tell their stories. 
  • Opportunity – Whenever we can we want to encourage young and not so young designers, though telling our story (warts and all) and providing advice on and opportunities to design

The big heart element can only work with your help, so take a moment to learn about the charity we are supporting, and start engaging with the collections and also give us feedback whenever you can.

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