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  • Thu, Sep 10, 15
  • Ruth Peters
  • #background, #childrenswear, #social, #streetstyle, #urban, Voting

To keep us in touch with the real world of buying for kids

When you create a collection you get involved in every detail. You live and breathe every element and get attached to the final products. You loose the ability to look at products fresh and give an unbiased opinion. So one of the key reasons we need your feedback at the first sample stage is to keep us in touch with the real world of kid’s fashion and help us make the right decisions on final product selection. We really value your advice so please vote and comment whenever you can.

We want to engage you in a Social Experience

We all get involved in buying clothes for kids, whether it’s for friends kids, family or your own. So in essence kids clothing is a social experience. We want to amplify that fact and make it truly social by inviting you to help shape the collection by allowing voting and engagement on the process of creating a collection. As time goes on we want to be able to offer advice on new fashion trends and great places for mums to shop too, in that way we can hopefully help you to shop smart and be as individual as your kids in the fashion stakes.

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