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The Halloween Edit

  • Fri, Oct 16, 15
  • Andy Peters
  • #community

Here at MSS HQ we’re all aware that Halloween can strike fear into the hearts of parents everywhere and not because of the ghosts and ghouls that terrorise the neighbourhood. The pressure to source, create or snatch (if needs be) a costume that will satisfy your child’s inner demon can be overwhelming, after all the stakes are high when the prize is the only currency that children deal in. . . CANDY! Fear not though avid readers, we’ve done the research for you because if there’s one thing we know, it’s outfits kids love, whether they be shocking or chic!

First off, let me tell you how much fun this blog post was to put together, hours have been lost to Pinterest and Google scouring the web for the best of the best (and babies dressed as tacos) and we can now present to you the Mini Street Style hot list for *spooktacular costumes. . .

*All of which can be easily made and won’t break the bank


<img src="TV.jpeg" alt="TV Character Costumes">

What can we say except the cute factor really won us over when we selected these characters as our favourite costumes from the world of TV.


This one’s so simple you’ll be kicking yourself if you ever resorted to the bedsheet ghost look. Yellow Top + Dungarees + Hat = your very own Minion! If you can’t find a pre-made googly eye hat, it’s easy to cut from felt and stick onto a beanie. Great for groups, because an army of real life Minions running around will provide endless entertainment.

Thing 1 & 2

This pair are great for children who love mischief, they’re already in character but just be prepared when they use that as their excuse for any hijinks! A red jumper and trousers or leggings can be transformed into ‘Thing 1&2’ with the aid of a white paper plate or circle of felt strategically attached at the tummy. Remember to number them first or you’ll be struggling to tell the difference between your new found Things. This dynamic duo have fabulous feather boa hairstyles, but non-toxic hairspray or a blue wig will be just as effective.

Cat in the Hat

If you’re going to go cat, give your feline a twist with this Dr Seuss classic! Transform your little one with a black top and leggings, a red ribbon or scarf tied in a bow at the neck and a white felt stomach (glued or sewn depending on your time frame). The hat is nothing but a large cardboard doughnut disk, a wide cardboard tube and some red and white material. Follow up with an artistic venture into face painting and you have yourself a Cat in a Hat.

Carl from Up

When are children dressed as old people not adorable? Never! That’s why Carl from the wonderful children’s film ‘Up’ made the final cut and nearly every element of the costume can be worn for the remainder of the year without garnering stares from passers-by. To age your little one faster than nature intended you need brown chinos, a white shirt, grey cardigan, navy bow tie some 3D glasses with the lenses popped out for your outfit. For the Zimmer frame the genius behind this outfit used plastic plumbing pipes, elbow joins and tennis balls (toilet roll/wrapping paper tubes work too with a bit of white paint). Complete the look with balloons and let hearts melt everywhere.  


<img src="sweets.jpeg" alt="sugary sweets costumes">

When we say food group we pretty much mean sweets – the only food group children aren’t so fussy about. You won’t mind the sugar rush when you see these effective and ingenious outfits.

Candy Floss / Cotton Candy

This costume is probably still less messy than real candy floss and bear in mind spray paint is involved in this creation. Utilise some of your child’s old clothing that matches the chosen colour of your floss and attach copious amounts of cotton wadding from the knees, up the torso stopping just below the neckline. Create a ball of wadding just larger than your child’s head for the candy wig and use spray paint from a distance to get your desired colour (remove child from clothing first). The cone hat will secure the wig and is created by rolling up a piece of white card at one end and sealing with tape, adding some string to secure under the chin. We reckon you deserve first pick of the candy haul for this masterpiece!


This may be the most ingenious use of balloons we here at Mini Street have ever seen. Take a clear plastic bin bag, fill it with balloons, put your child inside and stick a printed Jelly Belly logo on the front. Voilà! You have yourself a small human sized bag of jellybeans. If you want a superior bag of beans you could always use the Bertie Bott’s Beans logo from Harry Potter instead.

Milk and Cookies

Warning! This may just be Milk by the time you get through trick or treating. This look uses white felt for the carton, and red and blue felt for the lettering on the front. Whilst the carton will need to be stitched (a hand stitch will do) the lettering can just be glued. For the straw, simply paint a kitchen roll tube white and decorate with a red ribbon. The cookie choice is entirely up to you! This is a perfect alternative to a cardboard version that can be quite bulky making a change of direction a lethal manoeuvre.


<img src="umbrellas.jpeg" alt="Umbrellas costumes">

This may be news to you but Halloween greatness can be achieved by utilising an underrated costume component… The humble umbrella.


Jellyfish are truly terrifying, even the umbrella kind. This little number revolves around a clear umbrella with ribbon/fabric strips attached around the base for the jellyfish tentacles. How many your little jelly has is entirely up to you and adding eyes to the top of the umbrella can be a cute extra detail. Jellyfish come in all colours so pick one, dress your child head to toe and stitch extra ribbon on to the shoulders as yet more tentacles. There will never be enough tentacles for this outfit!

Raining Cats and Dogs

We do love a good pun and this costume wins all the points for being ever so witty. All you need is some stuffed dog and cat toys, an umbrella and a rain mac and wellies. Simple yet effective!


Relative of the Vampire, this costume will terrify and also utilise the copious broken umbrellas you have no doubt accumulated due to the wonderful British weather. Remove the fabric of your umbrella from the frame and cut down the middle. Sew one edge of the fabric to the sleeve underside of a black top and the other edge to the side seam of the top. Repeat on the other side and team with black leggings and a homemade black mask – like Batman’s . . . because Batman makes things cooler.



<img src="HarryPotter.jpeg" alt="Harry Potter Costume">

Just because this little boy and his dog win Halloween. Game over.

We do hope our little edit has inspired you to go big and bold this Halloween, after all Mini Street Style always strives to be wonderfully unique… and there’ll be more sugary goodness to “share” if your mini one has a top notch costume. For style ideas for the remaining 364 days of the year check out our AW15 collection here. Make sure to use our wish list function to ensure you’re first in line for pre-order on the 26th October otherwise Halloween won’t be the only day you’ll get a shock this year.

Happy Halloween from the Mini Street Style Team!  

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