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A Fun Sunday Photo Shoot

  • Thu, Nov 05, 15
  • Ruth Peters
  • #fashion

On Sunday we had our second photo shoot for Autumn/ Winter.  We already have some great location shots but we also need indoor shots for our retail partners and we wanted a few Christmassy shots too.  So, we all gathered in sunny Dudley: 5 kids, 1 stylist, I photographer, 2 helpers and parents all ready for a hectic day. The girls were up first and they were amazing, Isla, Catherine and Ava-Grace really gave it their all – we even had a few cartwheels, handstands and forward rolls going on at one point!!

Chez the photographer

Chez our fantastic photographer, warming up for the day ahead!

It was great to see the new pieces that went into production (post feedback) for the first time. The Sports Deluxe top with the heart pocket looked stunning and was a real favourite with the girls.

Then the boys, Atticus and Joel turned up and immediately headed for the temporary cinema / goodie area, which was good as we were running over by about an hour with the girls! Before we got to the boys individually we had some great group shots – and dare I say it even a few Christmas theme shots, which were great fun (watch out for them on social channels from the end of November)

The boys were amazing too, patient, professional and totally spot on.  Atticus was calm, cool and collected, definitely a Vintage boy and Joel was full of energy and smiling the whole time, more a Sports Deluxe character I think.

Again we got to see a few new items on kids for the first time. The boy’s joggers looked fantastic: the Sports Deluxe pants are the definitive statement item for a totally cool boy and the London Eccentric pants with the houndstooth detail pockets look totally cool with the matching sweater.

So by about 3.30 we were finished, every shot completed, totally exhausted and slightly buzzing from a great day. As always these days are a total team effort and I have to thank the mums, who were amazingly supportive and gave up their time, Beth the Stylist, who was calm with an amazing attention to detail and creative vision, Chez the photographer, who is just the best photographer and amazing patient with everyone and also a extra special thank you to Rachael Orrell (my sister) and The Saltmine Theatre Company (, who kindly let us shoot in their rehearsal hall and looked after everyone too.

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