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Ella's Kitchen The Big Baking Book

Children's Healthy Recipes

  • Wed, Nov 11, 15
  • Sara Satorious
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As a busy parent we want to do everything that is right for our children, from rushing around to football practice or Ballet class we are conscious that our little ones are fed correctly and given the right food to provide them with the energy and the nutrition they need.

So we have teamed up with the wonderful Ella’s kitchen who have allowed us to choose some of our favourite recipes from their book ‘The Big Baking book’ to share with you. So if like us, you need that little bit of inspiration please read on.

At Mini Street Style we love these recipes (for all ages – including parents) and the way they capture the imagination of the child so they are more likely to eat their dinner.

Children eating their meals is an issue I have faced many times and I have often spent a couple of hours creating a wonderful and healthy meal and my child doesn’t eat anything. Feeling distraught I reach for the fish fingers out of the freezer.

Anyway here are my top picks for delicious meals from Ella’s Kitchen’s Big Baking Book....

Superhero Raisin buns
Great for snack time, great to get the kids involved with cooking and fantastic for play dates so you child can share with their friends. 

Takes 20 minutes preparation time and 20 minutes cooking time

Superhero Bun Recipe

Pizza Pasties
Fantastic lunchtime treat for the kids, if you have more than one child this is great (or a very hungry child). This makes 8 pasties in total so again great for children for a play date and also for those on the go.

Takes 25 minutes preparation time and 15 minutes cooking time

Pizza Pasties Recipe


Dinner time, Fish Pie
Everyone’s favourite, fish pie. Fish is good for Brain and also provides some essential oils and minerals for the body so it is perfect to give to your child. A lovely sit down meal for all the family and with this dish the adults will love it just as much as the kids. 

Takes 20 minutes preparation time and 1 hour and 30 minutes cooking time

Fabulous Fish Pie Recipe

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