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Top Unusual Christmas Toys

  • Fri, Dec 09, 16
  • Charlotte Peters
  • #community

With less two weeks to go I am being petitioned on a daily basis to go online and look for Christmas presents. So, for those of us that don’t solely want to rely on our kid’s choice (which for me would be a power-ranger gun, another doll and a £100.00 makeup chair!) here is a list of presents that will please both parent and child.

1. Fibberty Den Kit - £34.95 

Flibberty Den Kit

Everyone loves a den. The whole family can get involved. You can have picnics, secrets club meetings or even family meetings – let your imagination run wild. This kit has it all, pegs, even facepaint and a mug.

2. Horrible Science Explosion, from £11.99 

Horrible Science Explosion Experiements


If science is your child's least favourite subject at school you`ll soon change their mind once with this explosive set. In what other subject can you blow up a volcano, fire a rocket and create super slimey snot?


3. Build Your Own Wooden Birdhouse, Melissa & Dough from £9.99

Build your own Bird Table Melissa & Dough

Continuing the theme of getting outside more this is a wonderful idea to get kids closer to nature. From Melissa & Doug it's a high quality build your own wooden birdhouse assemble and paint wood construction kit.


4. Where Wally Board Game, From £12.00

Where's Wally Board Game

Everyone has fond memories of Where's Wally and the board Game is a fast & furious fun.It's a race against the buzzer to find the picture on the game boards which matches the one on your card. It's not as easy as it sounds and lots of fun for all the family.


5. Plop Trumps From £3.95

Plop TrumpsWell you did ask for unusual!! But keep reading this game has top ratings and it's educational too.

For instance, did you know that tiger poo was longer than iguana mess? Or that penguin droppings smell worse than python muck? We certainly didn’t!

6. My Living World - Triop World, from £6.99

Triop World


Do you know what a Triop is? No, me neither, but I am going to find out this Christmas and the kids will love seeing it develop into a real living, breathing, swimming thing…whatever it may be!


 7. Deluxe Magic Kit by Melissa & Dough, from £24.99

deluxe Magic trick, Melissa & Dough

 Could your child be the next Domino…. No, sorry,  Dynamo!

 These easy-to-learn magic tricks for kids are the  same ones used by professional magicians:  disappearing objects; multiplying coins; magic  boxes; prediction tricks; a secret change bag and more. To top it off the wooden storage chest magically transforms into a performance table with a secret compartment!

8. Beat the Parents Board Game, from £10.00
Beat the parents Board Game


Beat the Parents board game will determine if the parents or the kids are the smartest in the house. Parents are asked questions most kids can answer while kids are asked questions most parents can answer. Play if you dare!!

9. IM Toy Melody Mix Kiddy Tune Bench, £39.99 

IM Toy Melody Mix Kiddy Tune Bench


Are you a musical household? With this kit all the family, whatever the age, can make a lot of noise, perfect for Christmas carols I think!


10. Grow Your Own Crystal Set from Chad Valley, from £14.99

Grow your own Crystal set Chad ValleyThis is for older children ( 10+) but with adult supervision it's ok for 3+. Kids will learn about growing and cultivating their very own crystals. Plus, the detailed instruction booklet contains fascinating experiments and explains how the crystals were formed when the Earth cooled millions of years ago.


11. Code-a-pillar from Fisher Price, from £44.99



Code a pillar from Fisher price Coding is the future, no doubt and this caterpillar, no … code-a-  pillar is said to develop just the kind of problem solving skills  that you need to understand that world, plus according to the  reviews kids have loads of fun along the way. 










 12. Pirate Ship 3D Pop and Play by Djeco, from £9.99 

Pirate ship 3D Pop up and playEvery kid studies pirates at school and this kit is colourful and fun and a great way to help develop the imagination. You may want to buy figures too as they are not included and then there will be no stopping the pirate adventures












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