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Simurg Tasarim Textile Co. Ltd.

  • Sat, Aug 29, 15
  • Andy Peters
  • Manufacturer

How long in business:

11 years in Simurg Tasarim; 30 years in clothing/apparel manufacturing/export experience.


Izmir/Turkey, the pearl of Aegean sea.

What makes you passionate about fashion:

Mrs Mukadder Ozden is the founder of our company; she is a textile engineer not only in title also in her soul. She is also the president of Aegean Clothing Manufacturers’ Association (EGSD). Working to assist her community and friends as much as she can. A bit of an education lover, PhD in textiles; short lecturer in University; then in business.

Mrs Mukadder  comments:

' I was mainly focused international business side of our profession. We both (her partner) like our profession and our team is always happy to realize the collections from sketches in general. Each collection is like growing a child, enable it to grow and then send to another home like a bride or groom.'

What is special about Simurg:

We enjoy what we are doing in general. Experience, fast understanding of customer needs, clear and guiding communication, wide range of material and process suppliers are our differences, we think.

What you like about Mini Street Style:

Collection’s integrity, themes and colours selected in general. Different themes for the same styles are good approach, prints with harmonized soft colours or vibrant effects makes them like individual collections.

Also Mrs Mukadder says she like's to see finer details like adult styles in a kids collection.

What have been the challenges from a manufacturer viewpoint:

Making such a variety (of clothes) in a short time frame was the main challenge; we had to do significant amount of prints, simple dyeing and accessories in a sprint; did it with our close collaboration with our suppliers.
Also some styles needed (us) to use our skills we gathered in making women’s wear in years.

3 points of advice for anyone wanting to work in apparel manufacturing:

First is the passion, because you depend on to many outside factors, mainly working with human's so need to be understanding/approaching and problem solver person.

Second is conscious look to the details. A lot of tiny details can make an item brilliant or bad.

Third is observation and planning skills to generate wanted-to-wear items in terms of material/lineup/design.

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