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Jonathan Cherry

  • Sat, Aug 29, 15
  • Andy Peters
  • photography

Contribution to Mini Street Style

Photographer for Mini Street Style

Why you love / like mini street concept

I love the Mini Street Style concept because it is innovative and buzzing with life.

How I got my first break

My first break in photography was through a friend who worked for Caridgan's clothing brand howies got me in to photograph for some of their catalogue shoots. I took my old Hasselblad camera and got some great stuff purely because there was a bit of freedom in my role. Looking back I suppose it is all about who you know or at least your passion for connecting with people.

What gets me excited about photography

I do love photographing people. Whenever I get the chance to photograph someone its always a new opportunity to tell someones story through photography - and thats what I love.

Top 3 tips for someone looking to try out my role

Contact at least 3 new clients per week

Throughout your career its always good to do some work for free

Learn how to use a film camera because it will slow you down and make you think

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