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Bethan Jensen

  • Sat, Aug 29, 15
  • Andy Peters
  • Print Design

Contribution to Mini Street Style:

Print Design 

Why you love / like mini street concept :

I love that our customers have the unique opportunity to select which are the key pieces (fore them) in Mini Street Style's collection.

How I got my first break:

By being open to all opportunities that were presented to me, not just having a set idea of the exact thing I needed to be doing. I think it's good to say yes more than no, especially when you're a recent graduate. 

What gets me excited about design:

I love creative collaboration, helping someone's idea become a reality whilst being able to inject some of my own personality into the work at the same time. 

Top 3 tips for someone looking to try out my role:

1. Patience: You need to patient as getting the finished print to where it needs to be can involve a lot of tweaking.

2. "Practise makes perfect": even after designing hundreds of prints I feel you can learn something from each one helping your next to be maybe not perfect, but definitely stronger!

3. You have to be able to use the relevant creative software confidently: Even if your style is all hand drawn your design will need to be digitalised at some point and it's essential you know how to do this yourself so not to rely on other for this crucial stage.  

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