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Tracy Hattersley

  • Sat, Aug 29, 15
  • Andy Peters
  • Lead Designer


Lead Designer

Why I love the Mini Street Concept;

The community involvement is very exciting as it allows customers to influence what we ultimately produce. It's a fun concept which I hope even the mini people will get involved in, not just the mum and dads!

How I got my first break:

At Graduate Fashion Week I won High Street Designer of the Year and from that was offered my first job in fashion with a major high street retailer.

What gets me excited about design:

The process.

I love research, bringing ideas together to create something new. The journey from initial concept to final product is always different.

Top 3 tips for someone looking to try out my role:

Assess your strengths and decide which design field is fitting for you.

Know your customer: research and understand the person who you are designing for.

Be flexible and willing to adapt.

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