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Ruth Peters

  • Mon, Aug 31, 15
  • Andy Peters
  • CEO / Founder

Contribution to Mini Street Style: CEO / Founder

Why you love / like mini street concept: I really wanted to make Mini Street Style a social experience. I love fact that people are beginning to engage, it will take a while for the concept to grow but appreciate everyone’s input, keep it coming.

How I got my first break:

It’s a while back now but first real break was The Guardian Newspaper working in telesales. It was fun and hard work and taught me basic skills that I have used throughout my career.

What gets me excited about starting a business?

The unknown and fact that the only person that holds you back is yourself.

Top 3 tips for someone looking to try out my role:

1) Get a great team around you.

2) Listen to advice whenever you can but if your gut instinct keeps nagging you about an issue, don’t ignore it.

3) Finally, learn to need less sleep!!

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