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Mini Fashion with a Big Heart

Mini Street Style is an urban kids brand inspired by London and International Street Style. Our passion is to provide those quirky and individual statement pieces that can be mixed in with your everyday favourites.

Each season we create three collections under the themes: Sports Deluxe, London Eccentric and Vintage and throughout the design period we invite the Mini Street Style community to get involved by voting and engaging on designs.

Engagement is really important, as we know that parents and carers know best when it comes to what kids want and it's wonderful to have this community input and support to help guide our decisions.

How It Works:

  • designIco

    Step-1Mini Street design three collections.

  • engageIco

    Step-2The community votes and comments.

  • refineIco

    Step-3Our designs are refined using your feedback.

  • buyIco

    Step-4Selected products are now available to buy!

Our Vision

Our vision is to create Mini Fashion with a Big Heart. The Big Heart element is key to the brand and refers to involving the many hearts of the Mini Street Style community in the design process, as well as insisting on ethical manufacturing and supporting our chosen charities.

Why Street Style for Kids

Street style is all about mixing it up, celebrating diversity and allowing the clothes to do the talking. We love this diversity and confidence and want to bring it to kids clothing.

Why a Community Collection for Kids

We all get involved in buying clothes for kids, whether it’s for friends kids, family or your own. So in essence kids clothing is a social experience. We want to amplify that fact and make it truly social by allowing voting, commenting, sharing, uploading ideas and lot’s more.